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February 10 - March 31, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Feb 10 - Mar 31, 2019
    4:30pm - 6:30pm


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About The Roundtable

WHAT: The Roundtable is a 4-session intensive that meets for 2 hours per session to cover a specific topic related to the Gospel, Hope Brooklyn’s vision and your own sense of how God has equipped and called you to be part of this work

The Roundtable is designed as a high commitment experience, meaning one must be able to commit to all 4 sessions in order to register. It's also designed to be a no-homework experience, which means it will be highly interactive, and to be led by the Holy Spirit.

WHY: Our lives are meant to be part of larger stories. And what we can do together is always more than what we can do by ourselves. The Roundtable is a “define the relationship” type of experience, where you learn how your story intersects more deeply with Hope Brooklyn’s and in return how Hope Brooklyn now empowers you to shape this community more than you previously did.

WHO: For those looking for a deeper sense of ownership at Hope Brooklyn and become a culture-shaper of the community and a bearer of the vision

OBJECTIVE: By the time the Roundtable has finished its 4 specialized modules, you should have a firm(er) answer to these questions:

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. How does the Gospel speak into the New York City context?
  3. What is my personal disposition? (utilizing the Enneagram)
  4. What is Hope Brooklyn's vision and how do I fit within it?

Module 1 – Gospel
Module 2 – City
Module 3 – Self
Module 4 – Hope Brooklyn

1. Attend each of the 4 sessions– Due to the brevity and intensive nature of the Roundtable, you are only able to take part in it if you are able to attend all 4 sessions.
2. Come ready to engage and to be vulnerable- There won’t be “homework” or “pre-work” so a willing, engaging, and vulnerable attitude is a must for the entire cohort to receive the maximum impact out of every module.
3. Expect God to show up and speak to you and your cohort– Karl Barth once said, “We receive as much of God as we ask and no more.” Ask a lot of Jesus.
4. Respect the Vulnerability of your Brothers and Sisters– This will not be an information-heavy class but a highly interactive one. In order for growth to occur, people must feel safe with one another to speak, even when they’re not sure what to say or how to say it, without fear of judgment or reprimand. It’s on all of us to give people the grace of a room to struggle with difficult topics, to process honestly, to practice a language that doesn’t come easy, and to challenge one another with love to see and pursue what only the Holy Spirit moving through a collective can reveal.

1. Computer, Notebook, Pen, Bible